About the Maker

Phillip Injeian began studying violin at the age of nine. He continued his violin studies under the tutelage of Ivan Galamian, Remauld Tecco, and John Fodor. By the age of thirteen, he crafted his first violin under the direction of Vahakn Nigogosian, at Stradivari Studios on 57th Street in New York City.

After graduating from the famous Bronx High School of Science, Phillip continued his studies in Mirecourt, France. He honed his skills under the direction of Master violin maker Jean Eulry at the prestigious workshop, La Maison Hilaire. A finalist in the first German International Violin making Competition and the 1979 International Competition in Cremona, Italy, Phillip received multiple awards in Europe for his talent and artistry. He then worked for Jacques Camurat in Paris and for Wolf Dieter Fischer in Munich, where he was foreman

Phillip returned to the United States in 1982, to rejoin master violin maker Vahakn Nigogosian and establish his first shop. Located across from Carnegie Hall in New York City, the New York Violin Shop was frequented by musicians from the New York Philharmonic and the Metropolitan Opera, as well as many famous soloists whose pictures adorn Phillip’s wall of fame.

Now in Pittsburgh, Phillip Injeian Violin Shop has become an icon in the Cultural District. Just steps away from the Convention Center, the Benedum Center, and Heinz Hall, Phillip’s world-class talent has shaped the civic landscape, attracting visitors to the area and providing local musicians with a convenient, first class locale. Visitors from near and far are enthralled by Phillip’s skillfully crafted instruments, his musical talent, and even his knack for languages–he is fluent in French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, English, and Armenian.

Phillip Injeian’s reputation for excellence continues to grow. Demand is on the rise for his beautiful instruments, known for their projection and rich quality of sound. His expertise in identifying instruments, his ability to copy the great masters, and his fine restorations have indeed become world renowned.