Student Instruments

The violins, violas, cellos and basses that are carried in our shop are personally hand-chosen by Phillip from workshops in Europe including Germany, Romania, and Bulgaria as well as China. These shop instruments are then personally set up in-house to ensure that they are technically and tonally finished. We carry these fine instruments:

  • Phillip Injeian's own workshop brand

Student violin and viola outfits begin at $600 and come with a new bow and case

Intermediate - Advanced

$1k - $5k

Tyrollian Violin c. 1860

Jay Haide Violin, 2009

Advanced - Professional Violins

$5k - $10k

Maximilian Frirsz 1924 copy

Frank Barstow, Pittsburgh c. 1920

2004 JI Workshop Violin

1963 Richard Seibel Violin, restored by Phillip Injeian

Nicholas Allen Violin, Pittsburgh 2019

Aegidius Kloz Violin, c. 1740

J.B. Vuillaume Workshop, Paris 1823

C.A. Miremont, New York 1859

Johann Christian Ficker, Geigenmacher c. 1720

Carlo Ferninando Landolfi, 1762

Intermediate - Advanced Violas

$1k - $5k

2010 Otto Benjamin Eastman Viola Model No.301

Rudolph Doetsch Strad Copy, 2013

Advanced - Professional Violas

$5k and up

Thomas Pospichal, Bretschian Model Viola 2012

Moenning and Sons Viola, 1990

Eduard Schwen Viola, Walsrode

Gustav Fischer, William Lewis and Sons 1965

Eduard Schwen 2001

Eduard Schwen, Gasparo da Salo copy 2001

Intermediate - Advanced Cellos

Calin Wultur Model No. 6, 2018

Tanglewood Workshop Cello

2009 Snow Cello, regraduated and rebarred by Phillip Injeian

Advanced - Professional Cellos

Wilfried Fauler, Strasbourg 1995

P. Robert Penzel, Marneukirchen 1921